Upgrade your soldiers in Strike Force Heroes 2

The Strike Force Heroes game series is one of the best shooting games you will find online. It is a war-like game where you are to shoot all enemy soldiers you will see. There are power ups to grab too for your benefit.

Definitely this is an upgrade of the first version. There are improvements made for your enjoyment. The graphics were made better and more missions were added. There are three game modes to play: the Campaign, the Challenges and the Custom Game. You will be delighted to play fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode with the first mission as a tutorial. You will be unlocking the next mission after you win the current one you are in. once you are done with a mission, you can always play it all over again. In every mission, there are three modes of difficulty: the Normal level, the Hard level and the Insane level. Challenge yourself to play and win all difficulty modes. Then when you have accomplished your goal, you can opt to transform your soldier’s appearance, skill and killsteak.

There are five types of soldiers to choose from: the Engineer, the Mercenary, the sniper, the General and the Juggernaut. Every type of soldier has its own feature and own weapons. The higher the level of your soldier is, the more classy his features and weapons will be. In Strike force heroes 2, your soldier aims to kill a number of enemies to advance or to level up. You earn cash too when you kill enemy soldiers. You will need cash to buy what you want or what you need in the game Shop. In the shop, you can also buy other tools and even upgrade the weaponries. You will also find the Slot Machine in the Shop. You can play the Slot Machine for a reasonable amount of cash. And if you are lucky enough, you can also win Slot Machine.

In Strike force heroes 2, the Challenge Mode is the same as the advance stage of the Campaign Mode, although it is a little harder than the Campaign Missions. The Challenge Mode has fifteen missions which you can also play in three difficulties.