Raft Wars 3: A Simple yet Fun Game

In search for a flash game that focuses on the fun that games are supposed to provide first and foremost? Then you are in luck because Raft Wars 3 is available for anyone who wants some fun time out of their boring or tiring day. The game if from the series Raft Wars.

Raft Wars 3 (5)

In this game, a cute little baby found a diamond and your duty is protect him and his older brother from the bad guys who wants to take the treasure away from them. You have to kill the bad guys with as little ammunition as you can to achieve a high score. And also, don’t lose many people on your team of three too. Since the game is a short one, it can be finished after around 15 minutes. You can visit this amazing site to check out the game as well as the other installments of the series.