Race again in Duck Life 2

If you like training pets, try your skills in the Duck Life game series. You will be training your duckling in the skills of running, flying, swimming and, in Duck Life 2, also in climbing.  Test your patience and skills in training your duckling and aim to be the World Champion.

After winning first place in the first Duck Life game, the farmer thought of joining more races. Play as the farmer and once again trained your duckling in running, swimming and flying. However, do not miss that climbing is also a skill for your duckling to learn. When running, your duckling will jump over rolling objects. When flying, help your duckling from hitting rocks. When swimming, your duckling must not be left off the screen as it swims. And while climbing, your duckling should not be caught on ledges or fall off the mountain or be left off the screen.

While training, do not miss that coin to add up to your cash. It is necessary to earn cashyou’re your duckling’s food and other matters. Use your cash in buying seeds to feed your duckling. Your duckling’s energy level is an important factor to win races and tournaments. There are two kinds of seeds: the yellow seed and the purple seed. Yellow seed is a lot cheaper than the purple seed. The yellow seed costs one dollar while the purple seed costs fifteen dollars. But the purple seed greatly increases your energy level compared to the yellow seed.


However, do not miss that fact in Duck Life 2 that you have a Max Level. Meaning, it is the highest level you can achieve in all skills no matter how much you train hard. You will have to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase to increase your Max Level. Nevertheless, no matter how much you have, there is a maximum increase you can buy. Win the first place of every race to gain not only cash and unlock accessories but also increase in Max Level purchases.