Push Run and Jump off a Ramp in Shopping Cart Hero 2

Ever imagined what would happen if you pushed a shopping cart down a hill and rode it towards a ramp? Well, you don’t have to try it to know what would happen. Try out Shopping Cart Hero 2, the second installment of the cart-riding, flying stickman game. It has more upgrades, better environment interaction and offers more tricks and style. That means more excitement and more fun for all those gamers out there.

You play as a crazy daredevil who wants to know the limits of his shopping cart. Of course pushing it on pavements and parking lots were not enough and decided to put it on a little too extreme test, push it off, ride it before hitting a ramp on the bottom of the hill and see how far it goes. Will you be able to pull out the perfect jump? Or get wasted on the bottom of the hill? Your goal is to pull off the best jump you can, score and cash are both rewarded after each jump.

The score is consisted of few criteria, the height of the jump or how high did you get, the length of the jump or how far did you went, style or the accessories that your character has, and lastly, the tricks that you did both midair and right after you land on the ground. You use the cash to upgrade your cart and accessorize your character.

The cart in Shopping Cart Hero 2 is indestructible so you don’t have to worry about repairs and stuff, as a matter of fact you can upgrade its wheels and even add a rocket? to have more speed, that’s more than what you need to propel a shopping cart. There are also several accessories that add to your character’s personality and style. Tricks can also be bought in the shop to get more score.

There is a golden cart that can be unlocked for an enormous amount of cash, maybe after pulling off few thousand jumps, you can purchase it. It has a little effect but buying it is still an accomplishment in Shopping Cart Hero 2. Try some jumps and buy the golden cart in this amazing game!

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