Play Scary Maze Halloween

One Spook-tacular game you will surely enjoy is the Scary Maze Game Halloween. Even though it is entitled Halloween, you can play and share it with friends any time of the year. Meaning, it is not exclusively or strictly for the Halloween season only.

Scary Maze Halloween (4)

After the success of the Scary Maze Game series, the developers created yet another game which is scarier than the prior Scary Maze games, the Scary Maze Game Halloween. The new game consists of five scary levels and a bonus round if ever you get pass through the first five levels. Each level becomes increasingly harder. The first maze would be easy to cross for being wide. But as you level up, you will find that the mazes are getting a lot narrower.

The Scary Maze Game Halloween edition has one rule just like its prequels: never ever touch the walls of the maze. Else, the game is over. And if you are lucky enough, you might even get the surprise of your life for touching the wall as a sanction. So to effectively feel the spookiness the game brings, turn the lights off and get the volume of your speakers loud enough. Do not forget to give these tips when sharing the game with your friends. Take note though that this game is not for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

The Scary Maze Game Halloween is another prank game that will test your hand and eye coordination and your ability to concentrate as well. If you have played the other Scary Maze games, you might find this game a lot more difficult to get through. In this game, you will need to concentrate on the mazes while tons of flying bats, crawling spiders and gliding ghosts are all over the screen.