No buying of vehicles in Earn to Die 2

The zombie situation in your city is getting worse. The military announced that the last rescue plane has to leave now for Refuge Harbor because of the situation. You need a vehicle to get to the military base. For a start, you have a beetle car. Each day you run the car, you earn cash which you can use to upgrade the car for better performance in speed and distance.


OMG! In Earn to Die 2, you do not need to earn a big amount of cash to buy the next better vehicle. You simply have to finish the level to unlock the next vehicle. Though, you must upgrade it anew because the upgrades from the prior vehicle are not compatible with the next vehicle. In this game, you will have to unlock two more vehicles to finish the game. The game is divided into three levels. You unlock a vehicle everytime you unlock a level.

Draw your own tracks in Pencil Racer

If you are looking for a game that will make you relax and be stress-free, you should try playing Pencil Racer game. This game is for players who like racing games and knows how to draw. You do not need to be very good in drawing. You just need to know how to draw car trucks. To play the game, you will draw the tracks using your mouse. Then choose a vehicle from a selection and let it run on the tracks you just drew.


There is a variety of vehicles to choose from; you can pick from a horse toy to a military tank. You can design your tracks under the tools menu, you can apply much or less stickiness and friction to it. You can make it bumpy, smooth, rising, going down, however you like. You can save your game and even share your selection with friends.

Deliver the Mad Burger to the customer

Do you love burgers? Do you enjoy ordering burgers and have them deliver to you? Well, in Mad Burger, the outdoor Chef cooks the burger and kicks it as far as possible. The aim is for the burger to reach a hungry man who ordered the burger. Play as the Chef who tries to deliver the burger to the customer by kicking it. As you throw the burger, you will earn some amount of cash depending on the distance and speed you burger flew. Use the cash to buy upgrades, bonuses and stuffs.

These upgrades, Bonuses and stuffs will give you better chances of throwing the burger farther and faster. You only need your mouse to play the game. Click of the spinning meter to launch your burger through a kick. Left click mouse anywhere on the screen to use sauce to hit burger and make it land farther.

Mad Burger (3)

Help Luna in Jewel Match 3

If you like hidden objects games, match three and solving puzzles, you will surely enjoy Jewel Match game series. It is an adventure game where you will have to look for hidden objects, solve puzzles and match up three similar objects. In the third sequel of Jewel Match, your mission is to help Luna restore the castle of Nevernear. Luna was away from her home, the Nevernear, attending school.


Having her family stopped writing letters to her every day, she decided to go home. She found her hometown ruined. And so the adventure begins here. You can play the trial game of Jewel Match 3 for free in several web pages. You can also download for a fee the full version of the game. And what more, you can now download and play Jewel Match 3 in your Android device, iPad, iPhone, Mac and personal computer.

Destroy the living dead in Bitejacker

Bitejacker is another flash game that incorporates zombies. There are two reasons why you should play this particular game. First is because of the fact that it features zombies which are exciting and challenging to handle. Second is because of the gameplay that will surely tests your skills in shooting.

Bitejacker (3)

Bitejacker is a game created by Secret Base and was launched in 2011. Since then, it has been played numerous times around the world which means that it has become very popular and still entertaining up to this time. Your role as the player of this game is to pulverize the living dead before they bite you and turn you into one of them. You will be given shooting weapons to use as well as other things that can help you win in this game. Look for more stashes of money and better shooting weapons to win this all. Play it now and have a blast!

Navigate the Beetle car in Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is the third installment from the game series called Wheely. From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with cars. It is quite noticeable that vehicles are frequently incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are two main reasons why such scenario is happening up to this day. First is because most people are passionate about cars. Second is because of the unique characteristics and appeal that the vehicles possess. One nice thing about the mentioned series is the evolution of the story in the game. Try playing this game at


In this edition, the story is about the main character which is a cute beetle car going on a mission to find the pair of wheels for his wife. The objective or goal of the player in this game is to help the main character. Control and navigate the car throughout the platform until it reaches the goal line where he will be able to get the pair of wheels.

Play Scary Maze Halloween

One Spook-tacular game you will surely enjoy is the Scary Maze Game Halloween. Even though it is entitled Halloween, you can play and share it with friends any time of the year. Meaning, it is not exclusively or strictly for the Halloween season only.

Scary Maze Halloween (4)

After the success of the Scary Maze Game series, the developers created yet another game which is scarier than the prior Scary Maze games, the Scary Maze Game Halloween. The new game consists of five scary levels and a bonus round if ever you get pass through the first five levels. Each level becomes increasingly harder. The first maze would be easy to cross for being wide. But as you level up, you will find that the mazes are getting a lot narrower.

The Scary Maze Game Halloween edition has one rule just like its prequels: never ever touch the walls of the maze. Else, the game is over. And if you are lucky enough, you might even get the surprise of your life for touching the wall as a sanction. So to effectively feel the spookiness the game brings, turn the lights off and get the volume of your speakers loud enough. Do not forget to give these tips when sharing the game with your friends. Take note though that this game is not for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

The Scary Maze Game Halloween is another prank game that will test your hand and eye coordination and your ability to concentrate as well. If you have played the other Scary Maze games, you might find this game a lot more difficult to get through. In this game, you will need to concentrate on the mazes while tons of flying bats, crawling spiders and gliding ghosts are all over the screen.

Survive in Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal

Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal is a challenging puzzle game. You can either play alone or with a family or friend, which would be more enjoyable of course. You can opt to be the Fireboy or the Watergirl. Do not let Fireboy reach the water lakes because he will be dead. The same with Watergirl, do not let her reach the fire lakes because she will die too. Take note, fire and water cannot be mixed together. Green lakes are dangerous to both of them so jump as high as you can.

Collect all the diamonds along your way. Fireboy must collect red diamonds and Watergirl must collect green diamonds. You will be ranked in each level depending on how much time you have consumed before reaching the exit doors. To control Watergirl, use the Letters A, W and D keys to move Watergirl while to control Fireboy, use the arrow keys.


Enjoy hitting the Pinata Hunter 3

If you are looking for a fun game to let time pass without the hardship of thinking strategies or solutions, Pinata Hunter 3 will surely serve the purpose. Your goal is to collect as many candies as possible using your bag or container while hitting the piñata. Just like in the party game, you aim to break the piñata for the candies inside it. In this flash game, it is not that easy to break the piñata. But while hitting it, candies are going out of it.


And once you break the piñata, another one – stronger and better – will take its place. Use the candy values to upgrade your bag, weapon, skills (power, value of candies and accuracy) and gloves. Pinata Hunter games are addicting even though they are simple and even children can play them. Pinata Hunter 3 gives more upgrades and game features.

Eradicate those bugs in bug rampage

In Bug Rampage, you play as a lean but mean and very angry caterpillar. You need to eat fruits but you have to kill all sorts of bugs first like ants and cockroaches. Once you killed them, fruits will be floating around you. You need to fill your tummy to complete the level and move up. You will find a caterpillar bar at the upper right corner, indicating how much you have eaten fruit. Beside it is a heart, indicating your health. As you level up, you will also evolve. That means you will upgrade.


There are four characteristics to upgrade: you can improve your reactions, increase how you dash, improve your legs and improve your bullets. There are twenty five levels on which you can enjoy shooting bugs and eat lots of fruits. Bug Rampage is a fun shooting game. There are a lot of web sites that offer free play of this game.