Navigate the Beetle car in Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is the third installment from the game series called Wheely. From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with cars. It is quite noticeable that vehicles are frequently incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are two main reasons why such scenario is happening up to this day. First is because most people are passionate about cars. Second is because of the unique characteristics and appeal that the vehicles possess. One nice thing about the mentioned series is the evolution of the story in the game. Try playing this game at


In this edition, the story is about the main character which is a cute beetle car going on a mission to find the pair of wheels for his wife. The objective or goal of the player in this game is to help the main character. Control and navigate the car throughout the platform until it reaches the goal line where he will be able to get the pair of wheels.