Join the fun and adventure in Wheely Club

Do you like solving problems? Are you willing to help others with their problems? The cute little red car Wheely needs some help with his endeavors. In the first edition, help him get into the race. In Wheely 2, help him in his journey to a car show where he wishes to meet again the love of his life. In Wheely 3, his journey is purchase new wheels for Jolie the Pink Car.

Wheely 6 (4)

Bring back Wheely into the present in Wheely 4. In Wheely 5, help him on his to way to buy a new lawn mower. Enjoy Wheely 6 in the fairy land. Play as a detective in Wheely 7. And in Wheely 8, help him rescue his blue car friend from the Devil. Enjoy playing eight episodes of the Wheely game series.