Help the King in impressing his love with Crush the Castle 4

If there is one flash game series that incorporates the medieval period in the whole game, it is the one called Crush The Castle. This series is now on its fourth installment in Crush the Castle 4. Some will think that a flash game series is getting boring but for avid players or gamers, the longer, the better. This edition has a different purpose of crushing the castles. To find out the new purpose, you can simply rely on the next paragraph.

crush the castle 4

Even if this is already the fourth installment and a lot of changes has been implemented, the common denominator in each edition is the mission. The player will still play as the Siege Master and must follow the order of King Redvonian. This time, the King has a different intention of why he wants to crush all the castles near his kingdom. It is because he already found his one great love but the woman is quit hard to impress. To show his power and strength, the King orders you to crush all the castles using the trebuchet. Help the King in impressing his loved one by successfully playing the game at