Get your vehicles burning and crashing with Burnin Rubber 5

The Burnin Rubber game series has become very popular to the point that people or gamers have demanded for a fifth installment which is Burnin Rubber 5. This is a car/racing game that gamers are very fond about. There are three reasons why you will love this particular installment. First are the graphics and designs which are entertaining, appealing and thrilling which live up to aesthetic prowess of the game. Second is because of the vehicles involved which are mostly favored by many people because they are fond of them in real life.

Burnin Rubber 5 (1)

Last is because of the involvement of different tracks around the world which is a great thing to do. Going back to the fifth installment, the mission that the players have to perform is to race around the world, collect money and upgrades cars and weapons for better racing. Being able to join the races around the world means getting a ticket or permission from the Ticket Office which you should be able to do before joining a race.