Finish the crazy track in Coaster Racer 2

A roller coaster is one of the most exciting and thrilling rides in theme park. There are three factors why it is a must-ride rides in theme park. First factor is the track that it is travelling which is not only upside down but also in different angles. Second factor is the adrenaline that it brings towards the people who are riding it. Last factor is the excitement it brings to an individual at the moment he or she is riding and going towards crazy angles and tracks. Do you know that there is a racing flash game that features the design of a roller coaster track? Yes, there is! It is called Coaster Racer 2.


This is the second edition from the successful series created by Longanimals. The player’s mission in this game is to race againsts 16 opponents over the insane coaster tracks. Be fast enough to finish the tracks in the first place. Play this exciting and crazy racing game which can be easily found online.