Eradicate those bugs in bug rampage

In Bug Rampage, you play as a lean but mean and very angry caterpillar. You need to eat fruits but you have to kill all sorts of bugs first like ants and cockroaches. Once you killed them, fruits will be floating around you. You need to fill your tummy to complete the level and move up. You will find a caterpillar bar at the upper right corner, indicating how much you have eaten fruit. Beside it is a heart, indicating your health. As you level up, you will also evolve. That means you will upgrade.


There are four characteristics to upgrade: you can improve your reactions, increase how you dash, improve your legs and improve your bullets. There are twenty five levels on which you can enjoy shooting bugs and eat lots of fruits. Bug Rampage is a fun shooting game. There are a lot of web sites that offer free play of this game.