Drive the cargoes and the Gloomy Truck safely

Driving big vehicles looks scary but challenging. What more if you drive them along a hard road on a hard weather? Find out in Gloomy Truck. It is a driving and racing game. Your task in each level is to deliver the cargoes safely together with your truck. There are also levels wherein part of your task is to get to the shelter safely before the radioactive storm comes.

Gloomy Truck (2)

The challenging part in delivering the cargoes and your truck is that the cargoes are at the back of the truck which is open as the truck will pass along a very bumpy and steeply high road. The cargoes are likely to get out from the back. The truck could turn over because of the road. Drive the truck without the cargoes falling from the back and try to travel with speed without the truck being damaged.