Defeat the black square in Red Ball 6

If you are fond of playing skill games, you should not miss playing the Red Ball game series in this site. It is one of the most popular games online. In all sequels, you will be guiding the red ball in its journey to the finish line. But it is not an ordinary or simple journey. There are obstacles and enemies along your way which the red ball must surpass and survive. The story of each journey will also make you interested in playing the game.

This site offers the sixth installment of the game series, Red Ball 6. In this version, you will once again guide the red ball in his journey. This time, you will have to primarily avoid the evil black squares. Or you can jump on them to kill them. You must also be able to get over obstacles along the course. There are laser guns, exploding boxes and others.

The game requires some strategies to be able to survive. And do not forget to collect all the stars along your way to get a perfect score or at least, a high score. As you play in this site, try to unlock the sixteen Achievements too. Take note that some of them are easy to obtain while some need more dedication in playing. Challenge yourself to be among those few players who have unlocked the Diamond Cup. To unlock it, well, you need to be able to unlock all other Achievements. There are sites that offer Walkthrough for games like Red Ball. But playing and finishing the game on your own would be more satisfying than having help.


Red Ball 6 consists of fifteen unique levels. In all levels, your goal is to guide the red ball to the end of the level to proceed to the next one. But on the last level, you will be facing and fighting a tough big boss. Use your wit and strategies to win over the big boss. The game is simple when it comes to controls. All you need is your keyboard to control the red ball. Use your arrow keys for the direction of the ball. This game can be let to children for having no violence and foul words.