Completely upgrade in Earn To Die 4

Zombies are creepy scary creatures that had been popular in television shows, movies and even in games. They are also known as the undead. They are known to be infectious or man-eating creatures. But in the Earn to Die game series, you do not have to be so worried of zombies for they are not that scary. As long as you drive as fast as possible, run them down and reach the safe haven, you are safe.

In the first Earn To Die game, one wheel upgrade is missing. Now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Enjoy playing the original game again in this version with all its improvements and complete upgrade. You play as one of the survivors from a town invaded by zombies. From not so far away, you saw a helicopter through his binoculars. And so you need a car to get there.


Like in the previous Earn To Die game series, you will need three vehicles to finish the whole game. You will start with the small hatchback, then with the old good pickup and the final vehicle is the cool heavy truck. As you drive, zombies with try to get to you and will try to stop you. And so, you must run over them. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, you should upgrade your vehicle.

There are six areas to upgrade in your vehicle: the engine, boost, wheels, transmissions, weapon and fuel tank. It would be best to upgrade the fuel tank first. You score depends on the distance you have reached and the numbers of zombies you have killed. It is wise to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance. However, take note that the upgrades you make in one vehicle are not compatible with the other vehicles. Hence, you will need to upgrade again once you change vehicle.

The Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel is an addicting and challenging adventure game you will surely love want want to play more and more.