Completely upgrade in Earn To Die 4

Zombies are creepy scary creatures that had been popular in television shows, movies and even in games. They are also known as the undead. They are known to be infectious or man-eating creatures. But in the Earn to Die game series, you do not have to be so worried of zombies for they are not that scary. As long as you drive as fast as possible, run them down and reach the safe haven, you are safe.

In the first Earn To Die game, one wheel upgrade is missing. Now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Enjoy playing the original game again in this version with all its improvements and complete upgrade. You play as one of the survivors from a town invaded by zombies. From not so far away, you saw a helicopter through his binoculars. And so you need a car to get there.


Like in the previous Earn To Die game series, you will need three vehicles to finish the whole game. You will start with the small hatchback, then with the old good pickup and the final vehicle is the cool heavy truck. As you drive, zombies with try to get to you and will try to stop you. And so, you must run over them. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, you should upgrade your vehicle.

There are six areas to upgrade in your vehicle: the engine, boost, wheels, transmissions, weapon and fuel tank. It would be best to upgrade the fuel tank first. You score depends on the distance you have reached and the numbers of zombies you have killed. It is wise to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance. However, take note that the upgrades you make in one vehicle are not compatible with the other vehicles. Hence, you will need to upgrade again once you change vehicle.

The Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel is an addicting and challenging adventure game you will surely love want want to play more and more.

Push Run and Jump off a Ramp in Shopping Cart Hero 2

Ever imagined what would happen if you pushed a shopping cart down a hill and rode it towards a ramp? Well, you don’t have to try it to know what would happen. Try out Shopping Cart Hero 2, the second installment of the cart-riding, flying stickman game. It has more upgrades, better environment interaction and offers more tricks and style. That means more excitement and more fun for all those gamers out there.

You play as a crazy daredevil who wants to know the limits of his shopping cart. Of course pushing it on pavements and parking lots were not enough and decided to put it on a little too extreme test, push it off, ride it before hitting a ramp on the bottom of the hill and see how far it goes. Will you be able to pull out the perfect jump? Or get wasted on the bottom of the hill? Your goal is to pull off the best jump you can, score and cash are both rewarded after each jump.

The score is consisted of few criteria, the height of the jump or how high did you get, the length of the jump or how far did you went, style or the accessories that your character has, and lastly, the tricks that you did both midair and right after you land on the ground. You use the cash to upgrade your cart and accessorize your character.

The cart in Shopping Cart Hero 2 is indestructible so you don’t have to worry about repairs and stuff, as a matter of fact you can upgrade its wheels and even add a rocket? to have more speed, that’s more than what you need to propel a shopping cart. There are also several accessories that add to your character’s personality and style. Tricks can also be bought in the shop to get more score.

There is a golden cart that can be unlocked for an enormous amount of cash, maybe after pulling off few thousand jumps, you can purchase it. It has a little effect but buying it is still an accomplishment in Shopping Cart Hero 2. Try some jumps and buy the golden cart in this amazing game!

Shopping Cart Hero 2 (3)

Defeat the black square in Red Ball 6

If you are fond of playing skill games, you should not miss playing the Red Ball game series in this site. It is one of the most popular games online. In all sequels, you will be guiding the red ball in its journey to the finish line. But it is not an ordinary or simple journey. There are obstacles and enemies along your way which the red ball must surpass and survive. The story of each journey will also make you interested in playing the game.

This site offers the sixth installment of the game series, Red Ball 6. In this version, you will once again guide the red ball in his journey. This time, you will have to primarily avoid the evil black squares. Or you can jump on them to kill them. You must also be able to get over obstacles along the course. There are laser guns, exploding boxes and others.

The game requires some strategies to be able to survive. And do not forget to collect all the stars along your way to get a perfect score or at least, a high score. As you play in this site, try to unlock the sixteen Achievements too. Take note that some of them are easy to obtain while some need more dedication in playing. Challenge yourself to be among those few players who have unlocked the Diamond Cup. To unlock it, well, you need to be able to unlock all other Achievements. There are sites that offer Walkthrough for games like Red Ball. But playing and finishing the game on your own would be more satisfying than having help.


Red Ball 6 consists of fifteen unique levels. In all levels, your goal is to guide the red ball to the end of the level to proceed to the next one. But on the last level, you will be facing and fighting a tough big boss. Use your wit and strategies to win over the big boss. The game is simple when it comes to controls. All you need is your keyboard to control the red ball. Use your arrow keys for the direction of the ball. This game can be let to children for having no violence and foul words.

Race again in Duck Life 2

If you like training pets, try your skills in the Duck Life game series. You will be training your duckling in the skills of running, flying, swimming and, in Duck Life 2, also in climbing.  Test your patience and skills in training your duckling and aim to be the World Champion.

After winning first place in the first Duck Life game, the farmer thought of joining more races. Play as the farmer and once again trained your duckling in running, swimming and flying. However, do not miss that climbing is also a skill for your duckling to learn. When running, your duckling will jump over rolling objects. When flying, help your duckling from hitting rocks. When swimming, your duckling must not be left off the screen as it swims. And while climbing, your duckling should not be caught on ledges or fall off the mountain or be left off the screen.

While training, do not miss that coin to add up to your cash. It is necessary to earn cashyou’re your duckling’s food and other matters. Use your cash in buying seeds to feed your duckling. Your duckling’s energy level is an important factor to win races and tournaments. There are two kinds of seeds: the yellow seed and the purple seed. Yellow seed is a lot cheaper than the purple seed. The yellow seed costs one dollar while the purple seed costs fifteen dollars. But the purple seed greatly increases your energy level compared to the yellow seed.


However, do not miss that fact in Duck Life 2 that you have a Max Level. Meaning, it is the highest level you can achieve in all skills no matter how much you train hard. You will have to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase to increase your Max Level. Nevertheless, no matter how much you have, there is a maximum increase you can buy. Win the first place of every race to gain not only cash and unlock accessories but also increase in Max Level purchases.

Upgrade your soldiers in Strike Force Heroes 2

The Strike Force Heroes game series is one of the best shooting games you will find online. It is a war-like game where you are to shoot all enemy soldiers you will see. There are power ups to grab too for your benefit.

Definitely this is an upgrade of the first version. There are improvements made for your enjoyment. The graphics were made better and more missions were added. There are three game modes to play: the Campaign, the Challenges and the Custom Game. You will be delighted to play fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode with the first mission as a tutorial. You will be unlocking the next mission after you win the current one you are in. once you are done with a mission, you can always play it all over again. In every mission, there are three modes of difficulty: the Normal level, the Hard level and the Insane level. Challenge yourself to play and win all difficulty modes. Then when you have accomplished your goal, you can opt to transform your soldier’s appearance, skill and killsteak.

There are five types of soldiers to choose from: the Engineer, the Mercenary, the sniper, the General and the Juggernaut. Every type of soldier has its own feature and own weapons. The higher the level of your soldier is, the more classy his features and weapons will be. In Strike force heroes 2, your soldier aims to kill a number of enemies to advance or to level up. You earn cash too when you kill enemy soldiers. You will need cash to buy what you want or what you need in the game Shop. In the shop, you can also buy other tools and even upgrade the weaponries. You will also find the Slot Machine in the Shop. You can play the Slot Machine for a reasonable amount of cash. And if you are lucky enough, you can also win Slot Machine.

In Strike force heroes 2, the Challenge Mode is the same as the advance stage of the Campaign Mode, although it is a little harder than the Campaign Missions. The Challenge Mode has fifteen missions which you can also play in three difficulties.


This is all about dodging and ricocheting in Shield Defense

Are you looking for something unique and thrilling to play? If you are positive about the question, then you will surely enjoy the topic of this content that you are currently scanning and skimming. The topic is all about the game called Shield Defense. This is an online flash game which is about defensive stuff which is created and sponsored by AddictingGames. It was released in 2007 and since then, the game has achieved great appreciation and attention from gamers around the world.

This game is all about dodging and ricocheting of bullets. You will control the tank with a shield attached on it. There will be enemy tanks lurking around you and firing bullets at will. Your main objective is to destroy or eliminate the tanks by ricocheting the bullets they are firing. You can choose the level of difficulty of your game which are either lieutenant, sergeant or general.


Eliminate all germs in Bowel Physics Tower Defense

Do you like tower defense games? Engage yourself in this gross strategy game, Bowel Physics Tower Defense. Your bowel has a lot of germs that crawls from top to bottom. You goal is to kill all those germs before it reaches the bottom and before they invade and scatter all over the body. And so you must create some defensive microorganisms in the bowels which will kill the germs.

Be sure to place towers strategically outside your bowel. Some germs are not easily killed. There are five kinds of defenses you can put up. You earn coins for each germ you kill. Upgrade your towers when you have earned enough for germs also evolve and gets stronger. Mind the number of your life at the upper right corner of the screen. Each germ that reached the bottom deducts from the number of your life.


Join the fun and adventure in Wheely Club

Do you like solving problems? Are you willing to help others with their problems? The cute little red car Wheely needs some help with his endeavors. In the first edition, help him get into the race. In Wheely 2, help him in his journey to a car show where he wishes to meet again the love of his life. In Wheely 3, his journey is purchase new wheels for Jolie the Pink Car.

Wheely 6 (4)

Bring back Wheely into the present in Wheely 4. In Wheely 5, help him on his to way to buy a new lawn mower. Enjoy Wheely 6 in the fairy land. Play as a detective in Wheely 7. And in Wheely 8, help him rescue his blue car friend from the Devil. Enjoy playing eight episodes of the Wheely game series.

Test your skills in Scary Maze Game 2

If you like surprises, you must try playing the Scary Maze Game series. See for yourself what the second installment has for you. You are to guide the red ball through the other end of the maze. But there is one rule: you must not touch the walls of the maze. If the red ball touched the wall, the game will be over and the unwanted surprised will show up.

Also, do not take too long guiding the red ball to the end of the maze for it will also end the game. If you ever made it successful in all five levels, you get to play the bonus level. This game tests your hand and eye coordination. You can share this game with your family and friends. But let it come to your attention that it is not a game for the faint-hearted or those with heart condition.


Get your vehicles burning and crashing with Burnin Rubber 5

The Burnin Rubber game series has become very popular to the point that people or gamers have demanded for a fifth installment which is Burnin Rubber 5. This is a car/racing game that gamers are very fond about. There are three reasons why you will love this particular installment. First are the graphics and designs which are entertaining, appealing and thrilling which live up to aesthetic prowess of the game. Second is because of the vehicles involved which are mostly favored by many people because they are fond of them in real life.

Burnin Rubber 5 (1)

Last is because of the involvement of different tracks around the world which is a great thing to do. Going back to the fifth installment, the mission that the players have to perform is to race around the world, collect money and upgrades cars and weapons for better racing. Being able to join the races around the world means getting a ticket or permission from the Ticket Office which you should be able to do before joining a race.